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Iteration 100: Son of Man

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When a collector commissioned my interpretation of the famous Rene Magritte painting "Son of Man", to make it a perfect homage, I wanted to retain crucial elements of the original and yet, say something about myself in reflection to the old master.

I kept details I felt important, such as proportions. I measured exactly where the elements are placed on the picture plane. I also recreated the colors and textures exactly.

After studying the original for some time, I had this intuition that the artist painted himself behind the apple. After some research confirming that to be true, I decided I would not paint the same man, but insert myself into his world, making it my own. 

What happened next is astounding...

The sky turned into a strange geodesic form. A cubic cloud array. Reminiscent of the Holographic Principle. Was I in a simulation? Was this a hallucination?

The levitating apple began revealing one of the most treasured Sacred Geometric elements built into it: The Torus.

This shape can be thought of as a sphere with a donut cut out of it. The way apples grow have this torus shape built into their structure.

The Torus is seen everywhere in nature as every object, dead or living matter, give off electromagnetic fields in this form. Not to mention every planet, star, and even our galaxy are all toroidal.

The apple appears to be cut in the form of a Cube-Octahedron. Also known as the Vector Equilibrium or "structure of the vacuum" which is the initial state where all matter originates. Therefore, it represents a state of stillness from which anything can manifest.

The center assemblage point is like a mini atomic explosion or perhaps the spark of knowledge from eating the apple.

The apple is both full and completely eaten to it's toroidal core at the same time, representing the contrasting illusion of time experienced by corporeal beings as ourselves, with a more holistic, vertical time.

The final painting makes for a wonderful modern interpretation of a surrealist classic. With so many references to the science of today, personal notes, and metaphysics, this painting is both moving and a thought provoking piece of art history.

A must have for any art collector with a penchant for geometry or surrealism.

Sizes available:
5" x 7" paper - image size is 3 5/8" x 5 5/8" (Open Edition)
11" x 14" paper - image size is 8 1/4" x 11 1/4" - Edition of 100

Unframed fine art giclée print, printed with pigment inks on high quality acid-free archival paper to ensure the highest quality and longevity that will last a lifetime. Comes with a acid free mounted mat board presented flat in a cellophane sleeve with a backing board.

• Hand signed with print number on front.
• All prints come unframed/unmatted and have extra space to allow for matting & framing.
• Acid free archival 88lb. Polar Matte Card Stock.
• Printed with epson archival pigment inks.
• Paper prints need to framed behind glass to protect against UV damage, moisture and dust.

**Note: Print quality is greater than photos.

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