ancient asian Chinese architecture warped perspective drawing of lord worm celebration with crowded parade

Atlas Metamorphosis: Stage 2 of 4, Front View

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Dimensions: 48”x33”x4”

Sumi, Ink on Eucaboard Panel


Front view warped perspective drawing of the image that came from a lucid dream that started my first series of artwork. An ancient Chinese street scene celebration of Lord Worm is seen inside the palanquin. His mandibles are apparent beyond the decorative architectural carriage. Incense is burning from a large earn as the leader of the parade waves onlookers in the crowd.

Look into the crowd and find yourself.


Top edge shows minuscule soot staining. Smell removed. Slight darkening might have occurred, hard to tell.

Due to Winter St. arson fire bomb, some works are discounted for minor effects remaining of soot staining to the top edge of works. Only a few suffered damage to the front face of the art. Your support helps me rebuild.

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